Medicinal Jungle Trail and Iguana Hatchery

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A LOCAL DAY: Within easy access and close to town:


The Green Iguana Conservation Project, as it's actually known, is an iguana hatchery found on the grounds of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, which is on a hilltop overlooking downtown San Ignacio surrounded by 14 acres of rainforest. The grounds are home to 150 species of birds, various wildlife and 70 species of trees and plant life, earning the resort the nickname of the "only jungle in town". A 1 mile nature hike featuring labeled plants leads to the iguana hatchery, which features nurturing and breeding enclosures, incubators and a display of scores of iguanas.

Tours of the herb trail and the iguana project are around $5us a person, and take the better part of an hour. With the proceeds, Green Iguana Conservation Project is able to keep the trail maintained and the iguana project going, and to help out the Iguana Kids Club and Adopt an Iguana Program. The iguanas at the project are mostly only there temporarily before being released back into the wild.

Parrot Nest guest with iguanas from the iguana project On the left is one of the Nest's guest!

On the right is one of the inhabitants!
Green Iguana Conservation Project picture

Click here for their official website.
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